We are cybersecurity technology developers.
We help our customers to be properly protected and allow them to truly understand what is happening on their network.


BPROT covers 8 critical points that allow you to protect all areas related to security.

Web browsing

Control in real time browsing, sites accessed, time spent. Block access, get detailed reports. Automatic protection from fraudulent sites.


Control the emails that enter and leave your company in real time. Define protection rules, get detailed reports. Know if you have viruses on your network.


Learn why the network is slow. Protection and alerts in real time of malicious activity. Block programs on demand. Secure teleworking. Get detailed reports.

Network Inventory

Generate an inventory with detail of your network hardware and software. Receive alerts against configuration changes.

Proactive Security

Vulnerabilities analysis on demand or scheduled. Get a detailed knowledge of your weak points, before the attackers do.

Users Control

Get detailed employees activity. Time worked, programs used, screenshots, etc.

Web Application

Protect your web applications from the most common attacks used today. Receive realtime alerts and get activity reports

Phishing Campaigns

Designed to automate training on this topic and offer learning experiences directly to employees. This is achieved by sending emails that resemble real-world phishing campaigns.

Why choose BPROT

Bprot allows you to understand what is happening in our network and thus take the necessary corrective actions.
We can easily know:

  If we have vulnerabilities in our network.

  Know both internal and external threats that affect our security.

  Know if we have misconfigured important equipment that could lead to
security problems (unauthorized access, loss of service, etc.).

  Know what users are doing.

  Telework safely, regardless of where the user is in the world.

  Much more, but above all things, know what is happening!!


These are some of the companies and institutions from different sectors that trust BPROT.

Success stories

BPROT a solution for every need.

Industry: Import, representation and distribution of electrical products.

Problem: There was a need to control Internet use to prioritize tasks related exclusively to work and prevent inappropriate consumption from affecting normal operations. On the other hand, there was great concern about the security and control of confidential information.

Solution: BPROT "Browsing, Mail and Network Control" modules were installed. Protections were activated, defining browsing usage rules, email monitoring and protection rules, as well as general network control.

Result: It was possible to raise security levels, improve performance in terms of available bandwidth, optimize the use of vital systems for the company and make visible the real use of the Internet by the company to decision making.

Industry: Construction.

Problem: The client has an infrastructure that provides many services to its end users (both local and Internet users). These services range from email, management applications, web applications, VPNs, etc. Due to company policies, they needed to minimize incident response times, increase security to reduce incidents, and guarantee the availability of services.

Solution: Bprot was installed taking advantage of the "Browsing, Network, Mail and Web Application Control" modules.

Result: Internet consumption was optimized by implementing policies at the browsing level and restricting the use of applications not related to work. At the email level, it was possible to reduce the level of malicious emails to around 6,000 per month, while at the network protection level, Bprot is blocking access to around 90,000 monthly events to all the company's services.

Industry: Television.

Problem: Although the company has few locally hosted services, it has the need to guarantee high availability of bandwidth due to the heavy use of the Internet in all tasks that make up daily operations, such as be high definition videos, real-time responses, etc.

Solution: Bprot was installed with the modules "Navigation Control, Network Control and Proactive Security.

Result: It was possible to guarantee the client the correct use of the Internet by users, ensure the correct availability of daily use applications through the implementation of policies and it was also possible to increase the level of security in real time and learn about vulnerable equipment and infrastructure.

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